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Welcome to my blog, thank you for stopping by! I am Ms. Reghan Straaf, and this is where I’ll be posting the things to do with my stores, Reghan’s Hats and Hodgepodge in Zebranky, and Reghan’s Curiosity Shoppe and Art Gallery in Plush Nano. I will get slurls next time I’m on, and delete this sentence, oh yes I will! Anyways, in this picture, I’m wearing Lady Ebony, which is a dark version of the now gone Lady Winter. I am the only one who owns this particular flavour, but that may change if I redesign it.

A little about me and my hats: I’ve been creating them for about four and a half months now, and there are sculptie, prim, and mixed hats, from the elaborate to the very plain. I love to do elaborate hats the most, since I can really get creative with the fur and feathers. My career began out of need: I had a lovely Victorian outfit to wear, but the hat did not fit, and was no modify. So I spent a few hours trying to work out how to make a hat, and voila, the first version of Lady Kristen was born. I made a hat class out of it and occasionally teach it at TUi, where I also work.

 Besides hats, I make furniture and other things that amuse me, including jewelry. Some pieces will be seen on future hats, which will be fun and challenging for me.

 At this time, I am doing some renovations, which are fairly minor at the moment with the floor being changed at Zebranky, and hat boxes getting a new wrapping job. Lady Reghan will soon be retired, and Lady Nadia will be taking over for awhile as the 1L hat. I just need to figure out which colour!

 The holovendor will be getting majorly tweaked by a dear friend (who fixed the sideways problem with Lady Corsetta!) who has done and will be doing various other things that will benefit both you and me.

Hmm. I think that’s it for now. May your days be long and happy!

– Ms. Reghan Straaf.

Wearing Lady Ebony


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