New at Hatpins for early October.

October 4, 2008 at 10:43 pm (Announcements, Hatpins, Hats)

Hello! I hope this update finds you in good health and happy spirits. 🙂

Here’s a little update on what’s new at Hatpins.

First of all – the group gift! It can be found at all three full shops (Zebranky, Caledon, Haute Couture). It’s also for sale, so make sure you get the right one. 🙂 Don’t forget to wear your group tag, either! This will only be available as a group gift until 15 October, and then it’s gone. Landmarks are at the bottom of this note.

Second – new hats. And I themed them for Hallowe’en, which seemed like a fun thing to do. These hats are available only at the Haute Couture and Caledon SouthEnd shops due to space restriction. Oh, and at Haute Couture, there’s a Lady Cordelia hat hanging from a hat rack who is only 25L instead of 175L.

Please allow me to show the new hats to you:

Lady Jacqueline, who is also the group gift, is up first. She’s Victorian in style, and has got embroidery on her. She’s the fraternal twin of Lord Jacques, who is a Victorian smoking hat for gentlemen. Both are black hats with orange and green embroidery  — well, pictures say more than I can. 🙂

Purrfect for the Halloween colours!

Purrfect for the Hallowe'en colours!

The handsome Reg wears his Halloween colours.

The handsome Reg wears his Hallowe'en colours.

Next is Lady Hecate, who is a sexy witch hat in gothic colours.

Who says witches are always ugly?

Who says witches have to be ugly?

And next is Lady Endora, who is a top hat with black and orange ornamentation.

Oh, love that orange and black!

Oh, love that orange and black!

Lastly is another set of fraternal twins, the Witchiepoos. Isn’t that a lovely name? One has a veil of cobwebs dangling from the tip, and the other is without. Both hats emit spiders when you touch the cobwebs on the cone. Not recommended for arachnophobes.

Mmm, spiders.

Mmm, spiders.

Mmm, Reg and spiders.

Mmm, Reg and spiders.

Also, at the Oak Trees shop, please let me draw your attention to a pile of boxes at the end of Hatpins’ pathway. Accompanying the pile is a sign that reads Tiny Threads.

These are Tiny dresses, and they’re all Victorian. Furthermore, they’ve all got matching hats. If you’d just rather have the dress because you’ve got or don’t want the hat, please notecard me, and I’ll deduct the hat price and sell the dress on its own. My hats do fit Tiny heads, and only need to be adjusted in position! :3

Thank you for reading, and be warned that a new dollarbie will be happening around the 15th! Oh, and another group gift is coming your way soon, as well. The group reached and went over 100 people, and I did promise a gift then.

Miss Reghan Straaf.

Hatpins at Caledon SouthEnd

Hatpins at Haute Couture

Hatpins at Oak Tree Shops


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