It’s Nearly December at Hatpins!

November 29, 2008 at 6:19 pm (1)

I admit it, I am not the world’s best blog keeper. But anyways – here’s the latest at Hatpins!

Coming December 1st:

  • A new group gift. It can be worn by both genders, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.
  • The lucky chairs will have their gifts changed. Finally. :3
  • The camp-for-hats chairs in Caledon SouthEnd and Haute Couture will have their hats change, too.
  • A 50% off sale. Every day, something new will be at half price. Could be a fatpack, could be a lapel watch… who knows! This will go until December 30th, as I am leaving town on the 31st and won’t be able to get online.

A reminder about deliveries!

I deliver hats as a free service to my customers. What I need from you are the following, sent in a notecard, please:

  1. The name of the hat.
  2. Payment.
  3. The transaction number.
  4. The name of the recipient.

Additionally, you can opt to have a note sent along with the hat, which will be sent in a folder called Delivery from Hatpins. I also IM the recipient prior to sending to let them know that it’s on the way.

Hatpins is pleased to be in the Peace on Earth grid wide hunt, which starts December 2nd. A peaceful hat (as opposed to a violent one?) will be available to all hunters at the Haute Couture shop.

And now for pictures of what Hatpins is known for – HATS!

First of all – the 5L candy corn hat from Hallowe’en seemed quite popular, so here’s a candy cane hat – also for 5L!

Hows about a little kiss?

Next up – another top hat, and one of my current favourites: Lord Rudolph.

And you could even say it glows.

And you could even say it glows.

Another top hat to follow – this one is for the ladies. Lady Endora, who was born during Hallowe’en, and then became a 9-pack at Hatpins, has now gone seasonal.

Red, gold and green...

Red, gold and green...

I forgot to blog the 9-pack, but it’s in the shop, and probably one of my best sellers, behind the Tatiana and Minerva hats. Oh, and here they are, too, decked out for the season. The festive hats are all 50L less than their non-festive counterparts, too.

Shes the lady in red.

She's the Lady in red. And green. And white.

Another Lady in red. And gold. And green.

Another Lady in red. And gold. And green.

I thought it’d be fun to make it snow, so I did. It’s snowing in the corner of my Haute Couture shop, and if you wear one of these next hats, you will make it snow, too. There are two hats in each vendor, one that snows, and one that does not. This is a rework of last year’s winter hat, Lady Winter II.

And a hat shop just wouldn’t be a hat shop without a Santa hat, would it?

Ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho!

And finally, a bunch of winter hats. Ladies Julia and Hollis, respectively.


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