Sale(s) at Hatpins on now!

February 6, 2009 at 3:39 am (1)

I am terrible with blogging! I need to catch up on all the new hats I’ve released since … eek! December!

But I’m blogging this: there’s a sale on at Hatpins. Two, as a matter of fact. One is only for today only, Friday the 6th of February, and one has been going since the 1st and is going until the night of the 14th.

What this means is that I’ve got about 60 single hats marked down to 100L each. Most of them are because today is my rez day and I’m celebrating with a today-only sale, and the rest are all red ones in honour of Valentine’s Day.

I’ve also got a 5L top hat up for sale in honour of Valentine’s Day. You can’t miss it, it has heart particles coming out of the display. The hat has them too, but you can turn them off.

Here are some of some of the hats that are on special. The ones pictured are some of the new releases since December, but there are lots more to be found in the shop, both new releases and sales hats.

Steamy Victorian - Steamsmith


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