Dresses at Hatpins.

May 3, 2009 at 1:04 pm (Announcements, Hatpins)

I heard this a lot:  I love your hats, but it’s hard to find something to go with them.

So I decided to learn how to make dresses to accessorize my hats, and according to those who have bought them, the quality and attention to detail is as one would expect from Hatpins. That makes me happy, but a person can only judge for themself. Pictures are never as good as seeing the actual thing, but it’s close!

This dress is (currently) available in six colours: red, grey, plum, black, blue, and brown.

So far, this dress is only available in this one way, but there are plans to add more. This style seems to be quite popular.

Currently available in nine colours, I have no plans to expand this one.

Currently available in brown, lavender and green, each coloured dress is different from each other in the bodice’s design. There are plans to expand this one for more colours.

That’s it for dresses for now! Please visit the shop to see the group gift (a Carrie dress with a matching hat) and grab a 1L hat!

Thank you for reading  and looking.

– RBS.


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